Mutt Of The Month

Hello there.

I am Mambo, my mum’s first Border Collie. I am 3 years old now. Before me, she had a few German Shepherds, but she says I’m the smartest dog she’s ever had. No wonder because Border Collies are known for their intelligence and will to learn and work. Maybe that is why I like to play with her so much and learn new tricks, I know quite a few now. I like to go for long walks with her and my wee brother, Maniek, the Min Pin. Mum says he is a real live wire, always on the go. We like to play with each other, but to be honest I prefer to do something with my mum.

Our favourite activity is Dog Agility. We train at Ayrshire Dog Agility Club and we absolutely love it. My mum says that I’m a little bit crazy when I see agility equipment, but how can you stay calm when you see so many jumps and especially TUNNELS! I’m a tunnel monster, I can’t resist to go through when I see one, but honestly I’m trying hard to stay focused and follow my mum’s commands.

The best thing about agility is that we have a lot of fun together. We like new challenges and learn new things and you can’t get bored when you do agility. It’s just a great way to spend time with your human.

Maniek is training in agility with my mum as well and she says he’s got a talent for it. No wonder, he can’t stay in one place for long, he also loves to play and likes to have a job to do, just like me. He can’t keep up with me, of course, but for such a wee dog, I must admit that he’s really fast. I hope he will join my mum and I at the shows next year and we will make our mum proud.