Mutt Of The Month

Hiya, my name is Skara. My mum often calls me Skaramoosh as I like to fandango (do you get it?) I love stealing socks (well they will leave them lying around!!) and always want my mum to play with me. I find it great fun to drop my toy in front of her then grab it and run away as she goes to pick it up, it really annoys her but adds to the game!! I also go crazy when my hoomans pour cereal. I’m teaching my hairy border collie brother Harray these naughty tricks too.

I am 8 yrs old, 9 this October. I started agility 3 years ago even though my mum and dad didn’t think I would take to it but I do love it, except the seesaw. I get scared at the noise it makes but I am getting better and braver, small paw steps. My favourites are the weave and the tunnel, they are fun. I’m a wee nervy pup but my mum and trainer, Lorraine, had confidence in me to enter a fun show. I was scared, so many people and dogs but we had a plan. I went for it and got a clear round. It was slow but nobody cared and all my hooman classmates were so chuffed and my mum was bursting with pride.

My best pal is my little brother Harray. Mum had to retire him from agility at a young age but we do basic training together. He can be annoying at times but I do love him to bits and enjoy our walks, play fights and chases.